Capital Baptist College

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Welcome to Capital Baptist College!

We will be posting the details of courses and staff in the near future.  Our courses will support our tag line of "Training Preachers, Teachers and Patriots."

Our classes will focus on a broad range of ministries including missions, music and school related ministries as resources allow.

Our staff is diverse and includes the following backgrounds: Bible Experts, Bus Ministry, Languages of the Bible, Legal (with Supreme Court experience,) Medical (MD), Missions, New Media, Pastoring Local Churches, Political Experience, Soul Winning, Teaching and more.

We are located right in the heart of our national capital area which has a RICH history, directly tied to the founding and building of this Great Nation, The United States of America.

We have a plethora of speakers lined up and will afford an opportunity for or students and faculty to meet and communicate with many men of God as well as our national leaders.

Please support us in prayer and financially as we lay the foundation of an influential work for God, training Christian leaders to serve in the "gates" of their cities as they minister to their Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the uttermost parts...

My God bless you as you consider Capital Baptist College.

Blessings, Joe Crawford

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